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FAQ's Page

Q. What does a Professional Pet Sitter do?
A.  A loving pet owner knows that pets are HAPPY in their own home.  When you go on vacation or take a business trip, why not keep them at home where they are HAPPY?   They will have their own personal attendant taking care of them like they were their own pet(s), keeping them on their normal routine, feeding schedule and eating their own food and treats.  Walking on their same routes and sleeping in their normal familiar spots.

It reduces their stress levels and Illnesses  since the pet sitter comes to your house; there are no other pets around that could cause a outside illness, such as kennel cough which is very contagious even if your pet has been vaccinated against it they can get it.   Also they get access to water at all times whereas some vet offices limit their water as they don't want to take the dogs out to pee often or clean up any messes in their cages, I have heard this numerous time and am appalled by this behavior.

Hiring a professional pet sitter also has many other advantages vs. having a friend or neighbor watch your pet while you're away. We will make sure your pet(s) are safe, comfortable, and HAPPY. We at Raleigh Pet Sitters, Inc. love what we do, and our clients often tell us they can tell a difference in their pet's happy and relaxed behavior when they return home, it's like they were never gone.  Once you use a professional pet sitting service you won't board again. You can read all about what our pet sitting service does entail HERE

We do check mail, get paper, retrieve any packages you may get, clean up any pet accidents that may occur, rotate lights, adjust curtains and/or blinds, put trash/recycle at the road and bring it back up, water any plants that need attention, and give your home that "lived in look" while you are away. 
Your Pet(s) and Home are in good reliable care while using our services.

Q. What types of animals do you care for?
A.  We care for most animals, as long as they do not pose a danger to us.  We have experience caring for dogs, cats, birds, fish, gerbils, iguanas, ferrets, hamsters, rabbits, skunks, and many other species.  We do not care for horses, goats, pigs or other farm animals as I don't have anyone on staff with that experience I will refer you to someone that specializes in that service nor do we care for snakes that need to be fed live animals.

We do NOT care for any animals with a history of biting, fighting or attacking people. If they are not friendly towards us on the consult we will not be able to do any pet sitting for you. We also will refer you out if there are a lot of medical needs as we are not specialists or vets, we just want basic pet care jobs. I know others they have medical experience. We will give pills or liquid meds, that is not a problem at all.

Q. How does the pet sitting service work?
A. We come out and do a FREE initial consultation - you can read about that process
HERE.  Once you are an established client with us we are always just a phone call, text or email away.   We can do last minute visit request, ongoing weekly mid-day walks (NOTE: it's a popular service and if we are not able to accommodate you we will refer you to another qualified professional) we can also do live-in pet care and overnight stays in your home.

Q. What are mid-day breaks and how would my pet(s) benefit from them?
Many pet owners work full time jobs, and cannot get home to let their pet outside during the day. It also provides dog owners the opportunity to go out with friends after work without returning home first. Crated dogs or puppies get time to stretch their legs and break up the boredom of a long day, and it also helps with house training. High energy pets may need a mid-day break to help them be more relaxed at night when their owners return home.   Mid-day visits are done between 11am - 3pm and are the only service we perform that we offer discounts.   If you use us 5 times a week on an ongoing basic we give you a price break of $15 per visit.  This is for regular weekly clients, and again it is a popular service, we stay pretty booked. 

Q. Will your board my pet?
Raleigh Pet Sitters is not a licensed boarding service, in that we cannot take your pets to our home.  We provide loving pet care right in your own home, this provides comfort and security to you and your pet.

If you are looking to board your pet in someone's home I do recommend Sally McCall - 919-786-9138.  She lives on Dartmouth St at North Hills and she keeps dogs under 30lbs in her home.   She is a stay at home Mom and a great lady, I know her well, you will love her doggie room, they will live in luxury.

Q. What will it cost me?
A.  I am sure that is the first question that comes to your mind, I don't blame you....   I tell people honestly, it's not cheaper to use a pet sitter with 1 dog but it is cheaper if you have a multi-pet household.  

For cats since they require just 1 visit a day (unless they are on medicine that requires twice a day visits) it's about the same as a boarding facility.  Our standard rate is $20 per visit for up to 2 Animals.  Please review our rates they are very competitive, but isn't the peace of mind of your pet(s) and home being cared for while you are gone and them being happy on their own normal routine priceless.... Not to mention you can come home from your trip with your pet(s) waiting HAPPILY for you and not have to wait till the next day to get them if you arrive home after normal business hours, most facilities close for pick-up at 6pm and are closed on Sundays.

Q. How long are the visits and how will I know you were there?
A. Normal vacation pet sitting visits are 30minutes in length, on Holidays it is at least 20minutes.  We leave daily log notes and give you little notes on how your pet(s) acted.   We always do visit and always act as if there are hidden cameras or neighbors watching us, we take good care of your pets and pride ourselves in the quality of service we do provide you and your pet(s).

Q. How many visits a day do you provide?
That is your decision. For dogs, we recommend a minimum of two (2) visits per day. Most people request 3 visits a day for smaller or older dogs.  It really depends on your dog's needs.   Our earliest visit time is 7:30AM and our latest time is 9:30PM, visit before or after that are charged a $5 extra per visit fee.

For cats and other animals, we do a minimum of one (1) visit per day. We will not skip days, our policy is that we have to see any animal in our care once every 24hours.  Anything could happen in the time we don’t see your pet(s) such as their claws can get hung in something, their collar caught on something, they can lock themselves in rooms, get trapped behind or in things not to mention they could get diarrhea, sudden UTI's, become deathly ill, etc…..  I know these are worse case scenarios but it happens, anything could happen to your home and something minor could turn into something major in 48hours.  We as professional pet sitters are always concerned about the safety and well being of any pet(s) in our care.  We have to be sure there is plenty of food, fresh water and a clean litter box for cats as we all know they like a clean bathroom daily.  

Q. How do I prepare for my pet sitter to come?
A.  - Make sure you leave enough food, treats, litter, paper towels, a dog towel for
         rainy days and poop bags just in case your not able to return when planed.
      - Leave out detailed instructions for all medications.
      - Put ID/microchip tags on all pets and their current rabies tag
      - Leave out favorite toys out for pet to play with or a new toy we can give them
      - Put potentially dangerous plants or decorations out of your pets reach  
    Click HERE to read a list of FOOD and PLANTS your pets should NEVER have
      - Shut off all rooms or areas where pets are not allowed, some people put a  
       baby gate, stools or large mats on furniture they don't want their pets on.
      - Leave porch lights on if your sitter will be coming after dark, inside lights on 
      timers are a great thing, your sitter will also rotate which lights are to be left on
      - Leave your sitter information on how you can be contacted or if you can’t be
     contacted then the phone number of someone who can make decisions on your
     behalf, this should be in the paperwork you filled out with us on our consult but
     it never hurts to leave it again or add someone else to it.
      - Set the thermostat to keep the house comfortable for the pet during your
      absence, if your sitter thinks it's too hot or cold, they will adjust it.
      - If you have preferred maintenance companies leave there numbers as well, in
      case of emergency.   If you rent leave your landlord's contact information.

Q. Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
A.  YES to all 3!!!   1)  
We have a privilege license with the city of Raleigh, that is
all that is required of me to operate this type of service based business. 
I am bonded thru CNA Surety up to $25,000.   3) I do carry the maximum limits of general liability insurance of 2 Million Dollars thru Mourer Foster Insurance, so you are protected.  Don't be fooled by those that claim to be insured and bonded but carry minimum amounts or have expired policies, do ask to see them, we carry my proof with us on every consult.     *NOTE: Being bonded
or having insurance does not guarantee the quality of service. My own reputation is the best guarantee of quality and we do provide references on my consult with you and you can see the comments on my site on my Happy Clients page.

Q. Who are the people coming into my home?
A.  Rest assured you will meet your sitter before pet care is preformed.  That is what the initial consultation is for.  We will answer any questions you may have then as well as meet your pets and get to know them and their routine before service is performed.

All of our sitters have gone through extensive reference and history checks, criminal background check and are committed to providing the best care for your pet and home while you are away as well as leaving your home neat and tidy when you return.  They are covered under my bond and insurance.

If some kind of emergency comes up with your assigned sitter, I will take over their pet sitting assignments personally or come out and introduce a new sitter, show them where things are and they will do the job, you will also be notified.  All of our sitters have gone thru training by me, and have been educated well on different scenarios that could come up while pet sitting PLUS they can call or text me at anytime and they know this, I am always able to answer any questions they may have.  They are also Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR thru the American Red Cross, it's a wonderful course that all sitters working with me will partake in.  

Q. Will I have the same sitter each time?
A.  Yes, I
prefer to offer your visits to the same pet sitter each time,
however, if that sitter is not available for some reason, I am their back up. Illness, schedule conflicts, family emergencies, car troubles, etc. are never your concern when you work with us; a pet sitter's personal crisis will never become your issue to solve, rest assured all of this is handled by me.   

If your assigned sitter has left my company you will get assigned a new sitter and we will schedule a time to come out and meet you.  Your new sitter will interact with your pet(s) and see where things are and ask any questions.

Q. Can we have our family or friends check in on the pets while we are away?
If there should be anyone other than us in your house. We need to be fully aware of this before contract date. You should make your neighbors, family members, and friends aware that we are pet sitting in order to avoid any complications or misunderstandings.  Please do not have them feed your pets, we do leave logs and would appreciate a note from them that they were there in case anything is moved or different we know why. 

Q. Can I give my sitter gratuity?
Absolutely! Tips are never expected, but greatly appreciated! You may give tips directly to your sitter, or if you prefer you may pay it through the company. 100% of tips go directly to your assigned sitter.

Q. Do you provide references?
A. Yes, references are given to you on the consult, each sitter has their own list of client references.  If you want to be added to your sitters reference list please call or email me and let me know.

Q. Do I have to have another meeting and fill out another service contract every time I need pet sitting?
No. Once your service agreement is on file, a quick e-mail or phone call to Raleigh Pet Sitters, Inc. is all you need to book service.

Q. What's the best way to schedule pet service when I travel?
E-mailing is always the best way to contact me and schedule services, we check email OFTEN and since the schedules are computerized it's easy for me to put you right in your sitters schedule and respond to your email quickly.  If you need service right away please do call and we will be happy to talk to you about what you need and when, just beware I may be driving and ask that you drop me an email as well.

Q. How do I pay for service?
A. On the initial consult we leave you a payment envelope.  Payment is due on the 1st day of service, when we do the 1st visit we pick it up.  Your sitter texts me the $$ amount when they are done with the visit and sometime the text says No Money Left - I then make an invoice and email it to your sitter, she prints it and leaves it on the counter with a pre-stamped and addressed envelope to mail payment to.   Your sitter does NOT get paid till she turns in money to me, so please be courteous and remember to leave payment. 
There are NO refunds for early returns!

Q. Can I hire my sitter without going thru your company?
Please do not place our sitters in the uncomfortable position of offering them pet sitting or dog walking employment apart from Raleigh Pet Sitters. You are  given the private cell phone of our sitters as a means to reach them in an emergency while you are away or check on your pets. We ask that you do not contact them to set up future sits when you return.  Our sitters are prohibited from soliciting or accepting employment directly from clients and has signed a contract to this effect. Plus they would not be covered by my bond or insurance if I did not give them the assignment.  Thank you for honoring this policy.   All pet sitting visits are scheduled thru me as I do your sitters schedule call or e-mail me ALWAYS!!

Q. Do you give my pets medications if needed?
Yes, we are happy to administer any oral or topical medications to your pet.  We do NOT provide the care for Pets requiring injections or sub-Q fluids but I can refer you to a qualified individual that does.

Q. Do you charge a Holiday fee?
We do charge a small additional fee over the major national holidays of $5 per each visit. We will let you know this at the time you book service.  This is a way for us to reward the sitters who are giving of their holiday time to work with Raleigh Pet Sitters, LLC.  Pet sitters don't get Holidays, it's our busiest time of year.

Q. Are my keys, alarm codes and personal information safe?
Client keys are kept in a locked box and are accessible only by me or your
sitter.  Raleigh Pet Sitters also guarantees that all client's personal information will be kept confidential, we do not share any information received with anyone.  I do send out email newsletters on occasion and if you wish not to receive that please ask to be removed from my mailing list when you get it.  

Q. What happens when I get back from my trip?
We do insist that you contact us as soon as possible upon your return, we leave you out a postcard reminding you of this.  If you don't call us, we will call you.  If we cannot reach you (ex: 12 hours since last visit and no contact), we are obligated to make an additional visit to ensure the safety and welfare of your pet(s).

Many things can happen and we don't want your pets to be left alone in the  event you have been delayed or in an accident. Remember, we're pet owners also! We are dedicated to the well-being of all pets and treat them as a member of our extended family! We LOVE our job and we do take it seriously!

Thank you for taking the time to read our FAQ Page
please read our Policies as well that should answer
any questions not covered here.

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