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Raleigh Pet Sitters Clients

Here are where we display photos of the pets we have had the
pleasure of taking care of while their owners are away. 
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We have over 700 Clients and many, MANY Happy Pets!!

In Loving Memory




Lester & Earl

Beckham & Mia



Bonnie Sue
Bella Grace

Rattle, Addie & Bombay




Roxie & Milo



























Jack Black

































Gus & Buck







Andrew, Olivia, & Bailey




Brian & Rupert


The frog is just too cool, I love watching him swim around his tank.
Frog Pic 2












Tatter & Sage




Fred & Riley











Rusty & Lucky






All 3 are Lounging on the Couch after a good time playing outside!!

Grace & Isaac



Thomas & Rosie






Blue & Rusty






Rufus & Rolly






Cartmann, a
Berdoodle =
a St. Bernard & Poodle Mix

The Jackson 5 Chickens




Lily & Roscoe








Elou & Scooter





Boston & Chelsea















Roscoe & Bubba




Cody & Tequila





Stormy & Pouncer

Moxie & Salem


Frank & Lucy



Gracie & Sadie





Crash & Murphy






Bonnie Blue





Lola, Boomer & Wally








Hank & Trapper







Princess & Lucy






Trixie, Jackson & Maggie Mae


Daisy & Rose


Fiona, Vivienne & Hucklerberry







Reuben James


Cali Cat


Charlie Brown

Lucy & Bitty

Cosmo & Buster







Finn & Puck


King Cat













Lindy & Champ




Sprint & Lily

Stoney, River & Fuzzy



Client Photos Page 2
We have over 700+ Clients and many, MANY Happy Pets!!

In Loving Memory

Comments from Clients

"When I go away for a couple of days or a couple of weeks I don’t worry about my kitties Smokey and FeFe.  I know that they are being well looked after and spoiled by Cindy. When I come home they are happy and not stressed and that is just wonderful. I also like the notes that Cindy leaves so I know what has been done. Thank you Cindy!"  Sandra

"Cindy has been like a family member to me and Petey over the past four years. I can't imagine anyone else taking care of Petey except my husband, and before we started dating there was only Cindy who was good enough for Petey.  Petey is what one might consider a "special needs" pet because of his age and Cindy will do whatever it takes to make him comfortable while we are away. Kirk and I were married recently and we were gone for three weeks. Having Cindy there for Petey gave us a wonderful secure feeling that we knew we had the best person on the job. We never worried for an instant that Petey wasn't enjoying himself, not to mention the comfort of knowing someone was looking after our house as well. We came home to a happy relaxed dog that did not look like he had been alone for one instant. I have recommended Cindy to many of my friends with pets and do so with enthusiasm. Kirk and I know that whenever we can't take Petey with us, he will be just fine and we can enjoy ourselves knowing that Cindy is there for Petey." Fleming & Kirk

"Cindy is fabulous... extremely flexible, trustworthy and caring.  Both Hootie and Hokie love going on walks with Cindy and we can rest assured they are well taken care of while we are at work.  Nike and Reebok also enjoy Cindy's company during weekends away.  We know our "babies" and home are safe with Cindy and would highly recommend her to anyone requiring her services."  Jason & Donna

"Cindy has helped us out a number of times when we went out of town, and we know that we can always trust her to take care of everything while we are gone. It gives us such peace of mind to know that she is keeping an eye on our home while we are away! Plus, our cat Gidget loves all the attention and care she gets from Cindy. Most of all, having such a kind and trustworthy individual taking care of things at home lets us truly enjoy our vacation!"  Heather

“Taking care of two big dogs can be very stressful. Once I decided to get help walking them in the afternoon it was critical to find someone that I trusted.  From the minute Cindy walked in I knew that she was the right fit for our family.  Mia loved up on her immediately and she gave Zoe a belly rub, so they were best friends right off the bat.  Cindy’s notes are great and help me feel like I know what’s going on when I’m not there.  She has been an absolute blessing.”

"Cindy has been a real savor on many occasions. She is readily available to help out. I can always tell my boys - Bailey & Sitka - have been well taken care of because when others used to dog sit, after I would return home from a trip, my boys would ignore me and be angry with me because I left them with someone who didn't give them a lot of attention. But not with Cindy, I come home to happy, attentive dogs so I know she has loved on them. It is great to finally have a dog sitter who has experience taking care of both small and large dogs."  Jessica

"Not just ANYONE can walk into a house with two German Shepherds, and have those dogs just melt!!!  I was amazed that Ringo & Daisy loved Cindy the moment they met her.  This was the first time I've ever trusted my dogs and my home to anyone beside friends/family, and it is such a wonderful feeling to have someone so trustworthy with my dogs and in my home.  Thank you Cindy!"  Christi

"Cindy and her husband, Mike are the 2 most wonderful and trustworthy people I know and the only ones I trust to keep my 2 little Maltese girls, Ellie & Katie.   They receive the best of care, love and  attention. I can say if one of the girls should need medical  attention we would trust their judgment totally in the decision making also as they have Maltese themselves and are true animal lovers.  I am glad to have found a home away from home for them when we travel we feel totally at ease leaving them in their care.  Plus how how nice a feeling it is to pick up the girls each time and take them home without any signs of having been stressed out while we were gone."  Lynn & John Paul

"I left my babies for 8 days and didn't worry a bit. They've been to camp before but never been left alone so I was a bit nervous to say the least! Since I was out of the country I was unable to be reached the entire time I was gone but Cindy made me and Chyna & Pinto comfortable the first time she met us. It has been AWESOME knowing someone is just a phone call away that they know  and we all are comfortable with. It made me feel good when I came home and they didn't follow me around for days like usual when they came home from camp, they just did their same old thing not worried that I might leave them again." Becki 

"You should know that Cindy is a consummate professional in her duties!  She took care of everything while we were away—the pets, making it look like someone was home and got the mail in for us.  Because of her attention to detail, Chelsea—age 13, and the guinea pigs were spoiled just like we do ourselves while we were on vacation.  Do yourself and your pets a favor by getting Cindy to come over while you can’t be home."  Teresa

"Cindy is wonderful! She takes care of all of my critters Ace, Carl, Presley, Spike and Kitten and they love her!  It's super great to know they are in good hands when we are away. Thanks Cindy!" Rae

"Cindy, I want to let you know how much I appreciate you being available for us when we need you.  Buster Brown just adores you and loves you coming to walk him everyday.  I think you know we count on you often and think that you are just fantastic, thank you"  Evonne & Joe

"Thank you for the wonderful care of my dogs, Sampson and Cody, the cats, Lucy and Jackson, and the parrots, Jimmy, Moreya, and Sophie.  They are much happier being at home during my frequent travels, and I feel safe and secure knowing you are taking care of them.  I can’t wait for one of the birds to say “Happy!”— keep repeating it and they’ll learn it in your voice!"  Thanks again!" Rebecca

"We are so glad to have found you; we know that Benny & Charlie love spending time with you. We are very pleased with yourmid-day walking as well as your pet sitting services."    Leo & Olivia

"It is such a comfort to have our cats, Tuffy & Tootsie played with, plants watered an house left in such good hands.   Our cats experience so much less stress staying at home.  Also Cindy's attention to detail is exceptional.   She not only got an unexpected notice off our door from the city of Raleigh.  She read it, called the city and then called us letting us know that our street was going to be PAVED.   We had 2 cars parked on the street so this was very important she was able to get up with the right person and they did other streets and delayed ours till we got back.  Thank you Cindy for the wonderful care you give to ours cats".  Erin

"Cindy has been a godsend to our family.   Griffin, our "dogson" absolutely adores her and we could not function without her mid-day dog walking services.  She is totally dependable, and goes the extra mile to make our lives easier and happier.  We trust her completely and would highly recommend her to any family that loves their pets and wants them to be well cared for in your absence.   Cindy is the BEST!!"  Julianne & Ron

"I was in the bathroom stall of Lowe’s and found Cindy’s card on the TP holder…must have been fate because I had been searching for a pet sitter for an upcoming vacation.  My dog Davis is 11 years old and I didn’t want to put him in the kennel because he has a bad leg and terrible separation anxiety!   When Cindy came to meet him, Davis made an instant friend!  Cindy is kind, caring, and operates a very professional pet sitting business!  She goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable about leaving your pet while away from home!  Since Davis and I met Cindy, we haven’t used any other pet sitters!" Cristy -  (Yes, I advertise anywhere!)

"We recently moved to Raleigh from Atlanta, and I have found the same level of care with Cindy that I had with the sitters I had used for over 12 years in Atlanta. My two kitties, Bunny and Annabel, love her so I never worry when Cindy is taking care of them (and our home). We spent 2 weeks on our honeymoon and I never once was concerned about my children. Cindy is great, highly recommend using her when you travel and need peace of mind!"  Lori

"My little Shih Tzu, Maddie, is like my baby, so of course I want her well cared for when I'm away (she stays in Cindy's home).  Finding Cindy was a treasure!  Maddie absolutely loves her and her little pups too!  And for me, it is such a relief to go on my business or personal travel and know that she is completely well cared for.  I have no worries while I'm away because I have every confidence that Maddie is in good hands and having a ball with Happy and Joy.  Cindy's care is just priceless!"   Kelly

"Cindy has been caring for our two huskies, Chinook & Dakota, in our absence for almost 2 years. The service she provides is invaluable. She is both professional and caring. It is a great peace of mind for us to have our dogs be able to stay in our home while we are away, knowing that they are being well cared for. Our dogs are happy to see us when we return, but they are never stressed or anxious, it is as if we had just stepped out. Thank you Cindy." Jamie

Hi, my name is Manny, I am a 4 year black & white Manx cat. My parents adopted me from rescue shelter in Myrtle Beach. Since they have brought me home, I beg them to travel, enjoy life, visit friends and family. I know what you are thinking that this is very thoughtful of me but I do have an ulterior motive. You see when, my parents’ leave I know that I will get to spend time with Cindy. If they only know how much fun we have when they are gone, they would be so jealous! So if any of you furry friends are reading this you know what I mean and tell all your friends, Cindy is the best! Manny “We were very fortunate to have found Cindy. I meet her husband, Mike, regarding real estate dealing and through conversation found out about the “Pet Setting Service” that his wife provides. It had to have been fate! We had been taking our cat, Manny to one of the local pet stores for over night stay. The first several visits, we were very pleased. And then it happened, we picked Manny up after weekend visit and they gave him a bad reported. They claimed he had gone potty in his water and several other things that were so out of character of Manny. This was in the same week that I meet Mike and I gave Cindy a call immediately. Cindy came to our home and it was love at first sight for all! The care and attention that Cindy gives Manny is beyond words! I don’t know what we would do with out her!”  Jo

"Cindy has taken great care of on our fifteen-year-old cat, George, on many, many occasions while we have been out of town over the last couple of years.  She has always done a great job and even taken care of a couple of household emergencies that were way beyond the call of duty, including an alarming carbon monoxide detector.  I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone for pet (and house!) sitting."  Kacey

"Cindy does an excellent job looking after my two cats, Tela and Woolie, and my dog, Sampson.  She is very dependable & trustworthy and gives my animals a lot of love and care while I am gone.   It's so reassuring to know that they are in good hands, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that is incredibly valuable.  I highly recommend Cindy's Pet Services!"  Lisa

“We were very lucky to find Cindy.  After having a disastrous pet sitter prior to meeting Cindy, I have to admit I was hesitant to give it another shot.  But we have busy lives and we care too much about our pets (Riley, our super mutt, and Pepper, our cautious cat) to leave them alone too long.  The very first time Riley and I met Cindy, we knew we had a winner.  Riley adores Cindy and I know they have fun together.  It takes a special person to be an all-around animal lover.  Above all, I know that Riley gets the attention, food, exercise, and potty break that she needs when we can’t be there.  Cindy also respects Pepper, the exact opposite of Riley.  Pepper does everything on her own terms and it’s important to leave her be.  Because Cindy respects her space, Pepper comes out for her now.  Now that’s a keeper!” Sherry

“Finding a pet sitter is akin to finding a babysitter that you trust. Cindy and her team have taken good care of Bailey and Bandit for many years now. I feel very comfortable leaving "the boys" in her care and know that they will be well-taken care of, have fun play time and lots of attention. In fact, she works with several of my neighbors as well. I particularly like the daily written reports that are provided of what happened on visits.  Give her a call!" Carole

"She came into our lives to care for our pets and we all came to care for Cindy!  My rottweiller, Jacob, is a wonderful judge of character and he adores her.  Jacob has always been very spoiled but I must let you all in on a secret, after Cindy's been at the home to care for him, I feel a bit guilty because she cares for him so well!  Her report cards are wonderful in that she takes great pride in her work.  Work that she obviously enjoys immensely. She not only enjoys the work but has such a love and respect for animals.  Jacob, as of late, has been feeling poorly and this sweet caregiver asks about his health often and comes to see him, now that's SERVICE!  I have never been more comfortable leaving my babies and the care of my home to anyone else as I am with Cindy!  She is truly a treasure and my family and I feel blessed to have her in our lives..."    Teresa Dawn

"I have an almost ten year old lab mix, Murphy, who has never been boarded. A little over a year ago, I was planning a family trip and knew that I had to consider boarding him for the first time and went to my vet to get details.  While there, I was given Cindy’s card as an alternative.  I emailed her immediately and met her that week.  I instantly knew that Cindy would be the perfect person to take care of Murphy because of her great personality and great concern/ love for animals.  Since then we have become foster parents to a Siamese cat, Elsie, and Cindy has taken care of both of them several times.  I do not worry for one minute when we’re out of town because I know Cindy is doing a great job!  I would highly recommend her (which I have) to anyone that wants a dependable, responsible, caring and all around great person to watch their pets."  Cyndi

"I consider my cats, Jack and Snowball, members of my family, and their happiness, safety, and well being is a priority to me--especially when I personally am not around to take care of them.  I was thrilled to find Cindy as my pet sitter because she loves animals and values what I do:  their happiness and health.  Not only is Cindy loving in her approach to pet sitting, she also is professional and thorough.  She promptly responds to last-minute requests; provides detailed reports of my cats' activities and eating habits while I'm away; and goes above and beyond normal pet sitting responsibilities by watering my plants, collecting my mail, and even indulging my cats' in one of their favorite activities; drinking water from the sink faucet in the hall bath!   I highly recommend Cindy to care for your pets while you're away!"  Allison

"Cindy is an awesome, trustworthy and loving person who takes great care of my two pugs CoCo and Sophie and cat, Sasha.  From the first day she started walking / playing with them in the afternoon, I could tell how much they enjoyed her visits.  I feel so much better while I'm at work knowing that she is looking in on them and giving them lots of TLC.  Cindy is flexible and extremely responsible.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top notch pet sitter!!"  Pam

"Cindy has been taking good care of my kitty, Harriet, over the past two years, while I travel with increasing frequency. It is so nice not to have to worry about my pet when I leave town. Cindy is completely reliable and thorough as a sitter, and genuinely cares about the animals she works with. She is well-able to handle more complex or detailed needs. She is both knowledgeable and understanding about pets and pet owner's needs, and more than once has helped out when travel plans went askew or I had an unexpected emergency. She goes out of her way to be helpful, and my cat always seems content and well-cared for when I arrive home. I would highly recommend her services (and have!) to pet-owning friends and strangers alike." Ann-Marie

"When I was looking for someone to take care of my baby, Hallie, I was a little unsure on who to use. The second Cindy stepped in my house to meet Miss Hallie, I knew right then that she was the one. Cindy is not only trustworthy, but when I get home and read her sweet notes she leaves about her visits with Hallie, it puts a big SMILE on my face. Hallie loves her treats and her tender care she gives when her mom is away. Thank you Cindy for everything you do, you are the BEST!!!!" Harriet

"Cindy has been taking excellent caring of Kobe while I am out of town. It's important to know he's loved and cared for while I am gone. Also, I appreciate your help with an obedience concern with Kobe. Your suggestion and effort has been a great help. Thanks again!" Lisa

"Cindy is such a great pet sitter!  Our cats, Elvis and Gracie, are always very well cared for by Cindy.  It is always easy to arrange for her to care for our pets and she writes the cutest notes, letting us know what we’ve missed while we were gone. We have found Cindy and the service she provides invaluable.  Thanks, Cindy!"  Mark & Suzanna

“Cindy has taken care of our dog, Carter on a regular basis for over two years for daily mid-day walks and is both extremely reliable and caring. She truly treats our pup like one of her own!”  Kathryn

"My husband and I were married for 10 years before we ever took a real vacation. We did not want to board our animals, they are much happier in their own environment. Thanks to Cindy's Pet Sitting Services, we are able to travel and feel confident that are pets very are well taken care of. Cindy impressed us the very first visit when meeting our cats and getting all their back ground data. She asked everything you could imagine and was very thorough. We have 6 cats aging from 2-15.  As you can imagine, we have lots of litter boxes, food bowls and water bowls that need to be cleaned and refreshed daily. Some need special food, medication and a lot of attention. Cindy provides all of this and more! Cindy is wonderful, very professional and trustworthy. We have been using her service for almost 3 years now. We cannot imagine what we would do without her and ours cats do love her!" Dana

“Cindy is great! We know we can go out of town and Sam our lab will be taken good care of by her or one of her excellent team members!” - Christa

Bentley, my Boykin Spaniel, and KC, my Kitty Cat, both love Cindy and always look forward to her visits. A true animal lover that has found her niche and takes the worry out of leaving town or going on a holiday.” Teena

“My husband and I have hired Cindy on a number of occasions to take care of our precious dog Sugar and each time we are very happy with her service. When we leave for vacation we don't have to worry about whether our dog is getting played with or walked or being confined to a small cage in a vet. Instead, our dog is able to enjoy the comforts of her own home where Cindy comes to visit her, feed her, play with her and take her on a walk. Cindy always gives us a detailed description of what she did for Sugar on each visit, as well as an update on how Sugar acted when she was there (ie: she was very excited to play today or she really enjoyed her treat etc.). I would highly recommend using Cindy for her pet sitting services because she creates peace of mind in regards to your pet when you are away. If you are like us, your pet is like your child and you always want them to be happy so make sure you call Cindy to take care of your pet for your next vacation!” Devon and Clay

"Cindy runs the most amazing pet sitting business ever! You can totally count on her and everyone that works for her. Our dogs have the good fortune to run with her pack 4 times a week and have someone live with them when we leave town. We are finally able to take actual vacations without having to constantly worry about how sad our girls are. I feel bad for the dogs on the weekend when they have to hang out with their lazy parents. Thanks Cindy and all of the saints who work with you." Wanda

“I have been using Cindy's services for over a year now and I have been very very pleased. She is wonderful with my dog, Jackson, he seems to really enjoy her visits. She is very caring with him and treats him like her own. Cindy is always available when I need her even last minute which is such a huge benefit to me since I work about 45 minutes from home. She gave me a small notebook when she started that she puts updates about Jack each visit she makes which is great. She is very knowledgeable about dogs and it puts me at ease knowing that she has so much experience. I highly recommend Cindy's Pet Services and I am so glad I found her!”        Lindsey

“Cindy or one of her staff has been walking my pug, Tank and dachshund, Grimace for almost a year now. She is professional, trustworthy and has my dogs' best interest at heart. I feel extremely comfortable having her in my home when I am out of town and with her watching my dogs. She is very easy to get in touch with and responsive when I call from out of town to check on my dogs. A couple of times, I have had to call her on my way to work to ask her to let my dogs out that afternoon and she has always been able to help me out, which the dogs and I really appreciate. I look forward to the notes she leaves about the dogs at each visit to know how they are getting along when I am not there. I am grateful to have someone like her to count on to take care of my dogs!”  Jennifer

“Cindy is the best pet-sitter I have ever hired. She is trustworthy, caring, and a wealth of knowledge. My pets love her as well, especially my seizure dog Marley, who she walks daily, she has to always be aware of what's going on while I am at work and notify me if there has been any changes. What is really great is that Cindy has helped me out in a pinch. I can't say enough good things about her and the ladies that work for her. My cats, Sage & Tater like her as well, I give her company a BIG thumbs up as well as her husband who is a Realtor and helped me thru the 1st time home buying process and was a gem to work with and made things go smoothly for me.” Abbe

"You will love having Cindy in your home caring for your pets. We don't like to leave our two Yorkies, Caesar & Zeus at all, but when we do, we call Cindy. She is loving and cares for our 9-month old and our 10-year old with tender love and care. Their area is always clean; they have been fed and walked outside; and, most of all, she spends time playing with them. Our dogs have different needs, and we can't speak highly enough of the individual care she gives each of our dogs. Plus, she will get our mail, switch out lights, and calls us whenever anything's a problem. She leaves detailed notes at every visit, which lets us know how much she cares for them. You should hire these people if you leave your pets, she even offer live-in pet care which we did take advantage of when we were gone for 10 days out of the country and we couldn't have been more pleased when we returned to a clean house and very happy and spoiled dogs, with new toys too!" Mary

"These guys are great!  They have been helping me with the boys who I call the malooches - Buster & Cosmo for several months now, and are fabulous!  They leave notes on how everything is going, call or text with any issues, take pictures, etc... It is just obvious that Abbe and the others at Cindy's Pets really love what they do!  I'm lucky to have someone this caring to check on my dogs when I can't be there and I call a lot last minute and they always accommodate my needs."  Kenny

"I highly recommend Cindy's Pet Sitting Services. Cindy and her great team have been caring for my beagle, Tanner, for over two years and I could not be happier. They are professional, writing notes about each visit, and always easy to reach when I want an update on how our beagle is doing at home. Our beagle used to get stressed out when we boarded him at the kennel, but now we come home to a very happy dog who has been walked and loved on during our vacation. Not only do they look after our dog, but they also cares for our house by watering plants, turning lights on/off, bringing in the mail, and taking out our trash cans for pick-up. If you are looking for a pet sitter or dog sitter in the Five Points/Downtown area of Raleigh, NC, you should definitely call Cindy's Pet Sitting Services."  Leslie

 "I have a Rat Terrier named Barney, and for most of his life, I had a very reliable friend to watch him when I went out of town. When that friend moved away, I was relieved to see a Cindy's Pet Sitting service ad at my groomer's shop. I was a little nervous at first, but gave her service a try when I had to go on vacation. Barney had never been to a kennel ever, so I am sure he was glad to be able to stay at home. The service is very professional, and they take daily notes, and text you pics, just to let you know how your pet is doing, I love that. Barney gets tons of attention and exercise. I have never been happier with a service like this,  I will be using Cindy's Pet Services from here on out, and would highly recommend them to anyone who has a pet that doesn't like to put in a cage at the kennel." Chad 

"I can't say enough great things about Cindys pet sitting service. We are new to the area and have never had a pet sitter before and Cindys came highly recommended and i liked the idea of the dogs staying in their own environment so we went with Cindys and Abbe as our sitter for Thanksgiving. Best choice ever !! Cindy and Abbe were great at our consult and made us at ease right away. Abbe went above and beyond with daily text updates. we loved hearing of the long walks our dogs were taking, movies and TV they were watching, and all the fun play time they got. We truly felt like our dogs were on a vacation just as much as we were. probably more so. I am sure our pups cant wait for us to leave again. Thanks Abbe for taking such great and fun care of our dogs !!!"  Ashley


"We've had Taylor from Cindy's Pet Sitting looking after our dog for around a year and we love having her look in on him. She's completely dependable and leaves great little notes for us about how and what he did while we were gone. We absolutely trust her in our home and with our dog and all of his little nuances. I would highly recommend Taylor and Cindy's Pet Sitting for anyone who can't take their pets everywhere they'd like to."   Kate & Art


   "I just moved to the Raleigh area and a friend recommended Cindy's. I was nervous at first, (having never used a pet sitter before), but Cindy's is FANTASTIC!  Colleen took care of my dogs, Molly & Buddy, and I feel totally comfortable leaving them in her care in the future. She gave them lots of love and even administered medication for me. I also loved getting texts and pictures each day, letting me know that my dogs were okay. I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves their pets like children!!! They are professional, friendly, and very responsible."   Liz


"When we moved to downtown Raleigh in January 2008, we needed to find a pet sitter to take care of our cats while we are out of town. After researching pet care services online and talking to several services, we selected Cindy's Pet Sitting Service. After meeting Cindy in person, we knew we made the right decision to have Cindy care for our cats as well as our home while we are traveling. Cindy is a serious pet lover and has two dogs and two cats that she adores which I believe is the number one requirement for a pet sitter. The pet sitting business is Cindy's only job so she does this full-time and is dedicated to her business and pets. She also has been in the business since 2004 and has many forms to gather all the necessary information to provide excellent care of our pets. I was quite impressed with her level of detail and professionalism. It is important to me that Cindy and her employees are bonded and insured since they will be taking care of our home too. I was very happy when I came home from our first trip when Cindy cared for our cats. I could tell the cats were well taken care of and received lots of attention. Cindy left written notes from each visit giving us details on their care and behavior. It was such a relief to know she did more than just put food in the bowl and changed the litter. And I liked the little things such as our mail was piled neatly on the counter.  When we travel in the summer, I ask Cindy to water my two flowerpots on the balcony daily. They always look great when we return so I know she thoroughly watered them.  For the first 2 years, Cindy was our pet sitter. However over the years, she has expanded her business and now Jill cares for our pets. It is obvious that Jill loves our cats and provides the same high level of care as Cindy. Once in awhile, Jill will email me a funny photo of our cats which I think is a nice touch. Jill takes care of other pets in my condo building so I often see her walking dogs.  We trust Cindy's Pet Sitting Service to take our of fur babies while we are away allowing our cats to remain in their home and giving us peace of mind that they are happy."   Heather


"Cindy's Pet Sitting in Raleigh has been a HUGE help to me....I'm no longer having to rush home from work and take Braxton out for a walk -both he and I are really happy. I can tell he loves when Jess comes to visit, and I get a full report of all "activities" that happened. I highly recommend this dog walking service."  Anne


"The best!!! Cindy and her employee, Jill, have always been so amazing with my two yorkies, Princess and Lucy. It so nice to come home with a full report on what my babies have been doing while I was away. I actually think my dogs are more excited to see Jill than me now :) Another important thing they do is get all the info on your dog and the vet so they are fully prepared in case something were to happen while I was away. I have complete confidence in using them all the time when I travel."  Jenny


"I have been using Cindy's Pet Services for over three years and they have been nothing but wonderful! I have two 16 year old cats, Tommy & Tess who do not like to leave the comfort of their home and I was very lucky to find a pet sitter as professional and thorough as Cindy to come into my home and check on them while I was away. From my first meeting with Cindy I was very impressed that she wanted to meet me and my cats before accepting the job. She got all the important details and from that day on I have never been worried when leaving my cats in Cindy's care. She even checked on them during a snow storm we had last year! If you are looking for a pet sitter in Raleigh, NC you won't find one better than Cindy!"  Adrienne


"Cindy's Pet Sitting Service is awesome.  You can even call them the day before you leave town and they are always available!  Jess has watched our dog on a continued basis and she is great!!  She is very conscientious... follows every instruction we give her as it changes each time...she plays with him, walks him and just keeps him company.  She even waters our plants and feeds the fish!  We return home to very detailed notes as well and feel like Finley was very well taken care of.  I would recommend this service highly!"  Kristen


"Cindy and Jill are terrific!! I needed someone to take care of my two kittens, Eddie and Murphy and trusted Cindy the moment I spoke to her on the phone. I was impressed that she came to my home to meet the boys and was very thorough in obtaining information about them. Jill is available at the last minute and is very reliable. I have no worries when I'm out of town." Berta


"I moved to NC for a job and needed to travel for that job just a week after moving. I was stressed at the idea of finding a pet sitter I could trust in such a short amount of time. Taking to the internet I found Cindy's Pet Sitting Services. I called and Cindy arranged to meet me at my house with my areas pet sitter, Jill. First off, I love that they have all their forms are online so thorough. I was able to detail all the important things my pet sitter needed to know about my pets. I also like that all the details are spelled out in the contract. When Cindy and Jill came over they went over everything with me and made sure I didn't have any questions or concerns. The main thing I love about Cindy's Pet Sitting Service though is that I could tell that Cindy and my pet sitter Jill LOVE animals. Jill was on the floor with my big mutts before the visit ended, not scared by the jowls, drool, or hair encountered! My animals took to her immediately, even my more skittish dog Tina. When I'm gone my pet sitter has texted me when any issues come up. I love that she is so communicative and alert to my animals' behavior and patterns. With her level of oversight I finally feel comfortable leaving my pets at home and going on trips out of town! The notes that the pet sitter leaves are great too; very detailed and thorough. Overall I would recommend Cindy's Pet Sitting Service to anyone looking for a service that will take impeccable care of their pets. I have found my NC pet care provider!"  Kelly


"We hire Cindy and her amazing sitters on a regular basis to take care of our dog, Iona. Her team is professional, adaptable, and always reliable. Most importantly, they care about your pet and do everything possible to make your time away from home a non-issue. We use Cindy's Pet Sitting for vacations, as well as impromptu visits during the week. Highly recommend! Our awesome sitter, Taylor has become part of the family."  Sarah


"We have a 14 year old Labrador Retriever, 8 year old Miniature Yorkie and 7 year old Pomeranian. After years of dealing with "doggie daycare, veterinary boarding services and pet resorts" in the Raleigh area we had grown accustom to adding $90 + a day to any trip we took. You would think for the price we paid for a veterinary boarding service that there was a full time "sitter" hanging out with our dogs, allowing them to run free in a fenced in yard during the day, and personal attention given to each one of them for at least 45 minutes a day.... BUT NO ... that would be extra. For the $90+ a day the dogs could share a large crate and would have up to 20 minutes of outside time and 3 bathroom breaks a day. REALLY??? 
No wonder anytime we pull out a suitcase and began to pack:
* our Yorkie starts to climb in and hide, praying he would "go unnoticed" 
* our Labrador began to pace and pace and pace and pace and pace ... 
* and our Pomeranian would start to either hide with the Yorkie or pace with the Labrador
. I know that it is not free to board three dogs but the veterinary boarding services were getting TOO expensive for the service. Next we tried a pet resort. At $120.00 a day we could barely afford to go on our week long family vacation and the services offered were nothing to brag about. Again we were being charged additional vet fees along with outdoor "play time" fees for each dog. OUTRAGEOUS!  Next we decided to try a "doggie daycare" service we found on a message board at a local restaurant. Things seemed OK upfront, but the additional charges for multiple dogs started to add up. Even though we had a fenced in back yard for daily outside visits and didn't request, require or receive any "long walks" we were charged an additional $10.00 per visit. Plus an additional $8.00 per feeding since one dog required medicine that we prepared in a cracker to be given as a twice a day. With vacations becoming too expensive to take we started relying on unreliable friends to come by and sit our dogs....  This past July we had a week long family beach trip and once again found ourselves in need of a reliable sitter. This time we researched EVERY dog walking service, interviewed a few, and came across Cindy's Pet Sitting Services. When we talked to the owner, Cindy Golden, we knew Cindy's Pet Sitting Services was the one for us. 
They have been so friendly, accommodating, and we trust them completely with our dogs. The dogs took an immediate liking to their sitter, Gretchen, who came to our house along with Cindy for a face to face hello visit before we committed to using their services. The same person, Gretchen, would be the one to come by three times a day - spending 30 minutes with our dogs at each visit. There were no crazy up charges for having more than one dog (only $2.00 for the third dog!) and she leaves a note every time about how the day went. Finding a pet sitter that is suitable, affordable, and that provides a sense of comfort while we are away is an amazing gift. We are heading out of town again this coming week and look forward to our vacation - knowing that we will spend $60.00 a day for the full service care that our dogs not only need but deserve. 5 stars - Cindy and her team always work to accommodate our schedule, their service relies on client happiness so the client always comes first, they offer easy payment options, and most of all terrific, pet-focused care." 
Lacy & Chip


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