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Cindy Golden
Owner and Operator of Raleigh Pet Sitters, LLC.
I primarily manage the business, and do the sitters schedules, plus I back-up any sitter that needs help or coverage.

We offer your pets a variety of pet sitting / dog walking services to fit your many different needs. I am a Raleigh native born at the old Rex Hospital on the corner of St Mary's St. & Wade Ave.  I grew up in Rolesville, NC, I love Raleigh and have seen it grow tremendously and currently live in the West Bldg Condo Downtown.

Me with Happy & Joy our 2 Maltese 
I started my business in June of 2004 because I do love animals and pet sitting is the BEST thing for them, they stay in their own home where they are HAPPY and loved. We treat your 4-legged companions like they are our very own.   I know
you will be very happy with our services as we are very personable with you & want to get to know you & your animals well before you leave them in our care. 

*My pet sitters are Employees, not Independent Contractors. 
They have all passed a background check, criminal record check,
sex offender check and have clean driving records.
Plus they are covered under my bond and insurance policies*

Assistant Manager

Services Brook Forest, Oak Forest to Atlantic Ave, Quail Ridge, Falls Church Area, Lakemont, Quail Hollow, the North Hills Area, the Alexan, Park & Market, North Ridge Area, Millbrook Rd from Atlantic to North Hills Dr, Six Forks Rd from Atlantic to Millbrook Rd, Yadkin, Northbrook, and Currituck Area, Lassiter Mill Rd, St Mary's St to Glenwood Ave, & the Anderson Dr area.

Hi! My name is Colleen, I am originally from upstate New York but call Raleigh home as I have spent most of my life here. I am a total animal lover and have been ever since I was a kid. I have a pitbull-mix named Africa who manages to put a smile on my face everyday! She is in the photo with me. I love going on long walks with her and playing tug of war or fetch with her endless collection of toys. She is great company! I have my bachelors degree in Psychology and plan to go back to school in the near future. In my free time, I love being around my family, doing yoga, and excerising and running.

My goal is to give your pets the best possible care and tons of love,  while you are away. I look forward to meeting you and your fury friends in the future! 


Services the N Raleigh area that we cover with Colleen - North Ridge Area, Quail Ridge, Falls Church Area, Lakemont, Quail Hollow, the North Hills Area, North Hills Dr, Northbrook, Lynn Rd to Lead Mine, Six Forks Rd from Atlantic to Newton Rd, Yadkin Dr, Currituck, Lassiter Mill Rd, etc.

Hello, I'm Anita, and these are my two babies, Maggie and Macy...they love to keep our chickens in line...lovingly, of course. We are planning on getting rabbits and goats later this year to add to our family.

I was born in upstate New York and grew up in Alaska. I love the wilderness, being outdoors, and animals. While taking care of your babies, I will give them all the love and attention they can handle!!


Services Cameron Village, NCSU, Oberlin Rd, Canterbury, St Mary's St Area, Boylan Heights, Five Points all of the Downtown Raleigh/Glenwood South Condos

My name is Jess, I am originally from Richmond Virginia, but I’ve been living in North Carolina for the last 16 years. I spent time in both the eastern and western parts of the state, before moving to the Triangle in 2003. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from UNC-Chapel Hill. I later went to grooming school, became a pet stylist, and managed the Brier Creek Petco grooming salon for 5 years. Now I’m working on my Master’s degree in Environmental Policy from American Public University and am spending some quality time at home with my 2 babies, a silky terrier named Oso and a cat who is affectionately known as Archie.

I’ve had a passion for animals for as long as I can remember. When I was kid, my parents would rescue any hurt animals that they found. I got to help nurse birds, squirrels, and chipmunks back to health throughout my childhood. I’ve volunteered at numerous shelters and sanctuaries for many years, including the country’s largest sanctuary, Best Friends in Kanab, Utah.

I have experience with a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, snakes, lizards, birds, and fish.  I look forward to making many more furry friends working for Cindy as a pet sitter!!


Mid-day Dog Walker & Cat Sitter
Services Five Points, Cameron Village & all of the Downtown Raleigh Condos & Apts

Hi, my name is Stephanie. I've lived in Raleigh for the past 16 years, and love our wonderful city. I'm married and have one son, who is a senior at Appalachian State University. My husband and I have two brother cats; Mister and Nem, pictured below, who are the sweetest, most loving, and social boys! They love to meet and interact with our friends and family when they visit. They also make sure to introduce themselves and welcome any new-comers to our home.

I've been pet-sitting since 2011. Prior to that, I was an esthetician, but decided to try pet-sitting and found a love for it, and what could be better than happy furry faces to greet you when you go to work? It's a pleasure to take care of your babies. I look forward to meeting them and you, their owners.


Back-Up Mid-day Dog Walker, Pet Sitter for all of Downtown Raleigh Condos & Apts, NCSU Area, Glen Eden, Five Points, etc. Also available for Overnights & Live-In Pet care upon request.

Hi, I am Patricia, Dogs and Yoga are my life and I'm loving it! I take care of my two boys and my precious dog Goldie.
I love all animals, don't eat meat, like classic rock and old movies. I'm looking forward to meeting your own pets and promise to care for them as if they were my own.


Services the Five Points / Hayes Barton, Wade Ave areas & all of the downtown Raleigh Apt & Condos.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I moved here with my family about 20 years ago and we love Raleigh. We have two small rescue dogs and two cats. We have been using Raleigh Pet Sitters when we travel for over 3 years ourselves, so I know the trust it takes to let someone in your home and the great job a pet sitter does and how much happier our pets are at home.

I decided to become a pet sitter because I do absolutely love animals and how lucky to be able to do something that I love!!
I saw they were hiring and immediately decided to apply. I look forward to meeting your pets and promise to give them the love and attention they deserve in your absence.


Services the Oakwood, Mordecai & Village at Pilot Mill Areas

Howdy, I'm Leah!The love of animals originated in me since the fetal position. I kid you not ;). I have a HUGE heart for them and have been around them my whole life. And I'm lucky to have two gals of my own. Chevy Bayou (in the picture below -Catahoula) and Blue, who is at times a bit camera shy (my Aussie gal). Leah

In addition for my love for animals, I am an outdoor kind of gal! Rain or shine, cold to hot I tend to find an excuse to be outside. Can't wait to take your kid out on an adventure.


Services all of the Downtown Raleigh Area as well as Oakwood & Mordecai.

Hey All! My name is Cassie , I originate from Massachusetts but I have lived in NC for 13 years now. There's 5 important things to know about me - I love God, I have a HUGE love for all types of animals (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, etc...), I love to eat, Outdoors is my second home and I'm VERY excited about becoming a great pet sitter. I have over 5 years of experience with animal care, I have worked in both a vet office & a doggie day care facility. I own a 7 year young Golden named Pebbles, I have had her since she was a puppy.


I also own 2 different reptiles, Riko & Rosa.
Liz1 Liz2
I don't want pet sitting to become just a job I go do, I want to pursue it as a life long passion. I look forward to meeting you and your precious pet(s) soon and becoming a part of your lives.


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